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How We Help Students Avoid College Debt

Oct 24, 2022 | Program Features

Before the 1980’s, when tuition costs began to balloon, college wasn’t cheap, but students could realistically pay their way through by working part-time.

– They didn’t graduate with debt.
– They didn’t bankrupt their parents.
– And they most likely appreciated their education more because they worked for it.

That approach to college has almost disappeared today, but we’re trying to bring it back at the Author Conservatory.

We’ve kept the tuition low enough and the workload manageable enough that students can realistically pay their way through with just a part-time job.

Just like you used to be able to do with college.

And that’s not all…

The Conservatory doesn’t just teach students to be writers. It also teaches them to be entrepreneurs.

During the first year of the program, every student will launch a pop-up business they can start earning money from.

Now the results that students get depend a lot on the student’s time investment.

Some students just want to make a couple hundred dollars a month through their business, so they only invest a few hours each week.

But other students are earning thousands of dollars each year – even enough to pay for their tuition just through the business we coached them to start!

For example:

  • Alyssa has made $6,000+ over this calendar year so far
  • Juliet has made $15,000 over this calendar year so far
  • Jenny and Valeri have made $5,000+ over this calendar year so far
  • Kasumi has made nearly $20,000 in her first year of the program
  • Sarah made $9,000+ in her first year of the program
  • Charis made $2,500+ this past summer alone
  • James made close to $3,000 in just a few weeks this past spring

How many college programs do you know where students are able to make a good percentage of their tuition back each year just through doing their classwork?

We wanted to make a college alternative program that was affordable for the working student.

And if you’re a serious writer interested in pursuing writing as a career…we’d love to consider your application.

Click below to apply today.

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