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Upcoming Tuition Increase

Feb 7, 2024 | Program Updates

2023 was full of milestones for the Author Conservatory.

Over the past year we:

  • Hit 200+ students enrolled in the program
  • Added three professional editors to our team
  • Added two million-dollar entrepreneurs as business coaches
  • Hired an instructor who specializes in working with neurodivergent students
  • Provided each student with their own Student Success Advisor
  • Brought in six new experts-in-residence to answer student questions, including several New York Times bestselling authors
  • Doubled our Office Hours capacity so students can get even more mentorship and support throughout the week
  • Started planning our first in-person event and graduation ceremony happening this June on the campus of Wheaton College

That’s why on March 1st, we’ll be raising our three-year tuition by $1,560.

Interested students can claim the current price (before the tuition increase) with three simple steps:

  1. Fill out an application and have a no-pressure, informational call with an admissions advisor
  2. If accepted, make a deposit to reserve your spot
  3. Select a start date any time in the next 12 months

Once a student makes a deposit, their tuition is locked-in and won’t go up.

But if you want to become a Conservatory student at the current price, you must schedule a call with our admissions team before March 1st.

Click here to apply for an admissions call today.

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