Are You Torn Between Pursuing Your Writing Dreams... And Feeling Like A Smart, Sensible Person Who Can Pay Their Bills?

In this free training, you'll find out why you don't have to choose!


You dream of having a writing career… but your parents are getting worried.

How will you support yourself?  Are you just setting yourself up for disappointment and poverty?  Shouldn't you be focusing on getting a 'real' job instead?

If you feel stuck making moves for your future and you dream of becoming a well-known author someday, you're not alone.

What if you could be confident in your author career plan AND know you'll be able to support yourself?

Most authors fail because they didn't have a plan, focused on the wrong things and eventually run out of time and energy before 'real life' closes in.

Wandering around in the dark trying to figure it out isn't a plan.

The good news is, there IS a system you can follow.  When you approach writing like any other career, you can follow a logical and sensible path to your destination.

And you're just a few clicks away from finding out how. 

During This Free Training You'll Learn:

  • The 5 key mental shifts that will give you clarity and confidence moving forward with your author dreams
  • The one crucial thing you're missing which most failed authors don't get until they are talking to an agent and it's already it's too late
  • Why "publishing your book" is NOT the end goal and the reason why many writing careers end up dead on arrival
  • How to prepare for the one question agents ask that devastates aspiring authors
  • Why the 'other side' of writing is critical to your success (and it's not as scary as you might think)
  • Your next steps and a solid idea of your strategy moving forward right now
  • And more!

You can be in the top 1% of writers who make it. You just need a plan.


Presented By Brett Harris

  • Follower of Christ
  • Married to Ana (with two dogs named Beezus and Ramona)
  • Co-founder of, The Young Writer’s Workshop, and The Author Conservatory
  • Bestselling author of Do Hard Things and winner of the ECPA Gold Award for over 500,000 copies sold
  • Mentor and coach to many of the world’s top young fiction and nonfiction authors. (Seriously, if you’ve read a traditionally published book from a Christian teen author, he probably coached them)