A college alternative for writers.

Learn the writing & business skills you need to get published and support yourself financially.

You Don’t Need to Give Up Your Writing Dreams

 Many writers find themselves lost for good options.

  • Writing degrees don’t often focus on genre fiction or novel-writing.
  • Friends and family tell them getting published is like winning the lottery.
  • They struggle to find the mentorship and guidance they need to move forward.

What if there was a better way?

Conservatorynoun: “A school specializing in one of the fine arts.”

The conservatory model dates back to the 16th century. Today many of the top art schools in the world are conservatories — with The Juilliard School in New York City being the most famous. We’re innovating this time-tested model by bringing it online for writers.

"The greatest strengths of a conservatory program is the laser focus on skills. Additionally, conservatories tend to offer access to professionals and professional experiences."

(Playbill, “How to Choose Between College or Conservatory”)

"Picture spending all day every day doing only what you love, all while working closely with and learning from people who are experts in what you want to do. That’s a conservatory."

(New York Film Academy, “Student Resources”)

Here’s What You Can Expect From the Conservatory:

We follow an intensive mentorship format so you can get regular professional feedback on your writing.

You’ll be taught by award-winning authors, professional editors, and successful entrepreneurs.

You’ll complete at least two full-length novels under the direction of industry professionals.

You’ll launch a profitable entrepreneurial venture and learn tools for building a business around your writing.

You’ll graduate with the tools you need to pursue publication and earn money as an entrepreneur.

“One of the most comprehensive writing programs you’ll find anywhere.” — Steve Laube

President of The Steve Laube Agency, The Christian Writer’s Institute, and Head of Enclave Publishing

We provide the laser-focused educational experience you’re looking for.

Learn virtually from the comfort of your own home.

A Spotlight on Craft

We don’t fill your schedule with extracurriculars that don’t prepare you for a writing career.

Professional Mentorship

Get personal coaching from published authors, professional editors, and literary agents.

A Viable Financial Plan

We provide alternatives to the “starving artist” by training our students to be entrepreneurs.

Student Spotlight: Caroline Guajardo, Year 1

Caroline is eight months into Year 1 and recently graduated to drafting her first novel after working closely with published authors and professional editors to develop her story.

She also just landed her first tutoring client, earning $80 for two hours of work – and has earned $1,000 from her house-sitting business over the last few months.

With all that momentum, she’s excited to write her novel and grow her business ventures.

Student Spotlight: Joseph Brink, Year 2

Joseph completed two novels and launched a landscaping business during his first year in the Conservatory – earning roughly $4,500 in 2022.

Now as a Year 2 student, Joseph is using his business to practice marketing skills, editing his novels for pitching, and developing his author brand script and platform.

Most importantly, he says he’s surrounded by “the most awesome writing community on earth” as he works towards his goals.

Student Spotlight: Kasumi Sonoda, Year 2

During her first year in the Conservatory, Kasumi completed a 145,000-word novel and earned over $20,000 from her business teaching Latin classes (earning over $83/hour).

Today she is preparing to hire additional tutors, writing a short story for publication, and editing her novel to pitch next year.

Kasumi is making the money she needs while having plenty of time for writing — and she has big plans to grow her business!

Student Spotlight: Charis Rae, Year 3

Charis has written four middle grade novels and launched two profitable business ventures: an Etsy shop and an American History Summer Camp for girls.

Today she is preparing to pitch her latest novel, has been hired as content writer for a marketing agency, and has tens of thousands of dollars in savings – all before she turns twenty.

She is pursuing her writing dreams while growing into a responsible adult who can pay her own bills.

(These profiles accurately reflect what is possible when students are trained in both writing and business skills – but results reflect our students’ own intense dedication and hard work. We cannot guarantee these outcomes for every student.)

“I can say without reservation that this is one of the best things that ever happened to my writing and to me as a person. If your goal is to be an author, I can’t recommend The Author Conservatory highly enough.

Sarah Pagel

Learn One-on-One from Authors, Editors, & Entrepreneurs

Brett Harris

Brett Harris

Bestselling author of Do Hard Things and Start Here

Kara Swanson

Kara Swanson

Award-winning author of Dust and Shadow

Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips

Professional editor and author branding coach.

Steve Laube

Steve Laube

Literary agent and president of Enclave Publishing

Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer

Award-winning author of 80+ books.

Margaret McGriff

Margaret McGriff

Digital content strategist & fantasy adventure author.

Joanne Bischof

Joanne Bischof

Christy and Carol award-winning author.

Katie Williams

Katie Williams

Enclave Publishing proofreader & freelance editor.

Gregg Harris

Gregg Harris

Million-dollar business founder and terrarium shop owner

Mark Baker

Mark Baker

Founder of 6-figure & 7-figure business startups

Brian O'Rear

Brian O'Rear

Founder of a multi-million dollar home inspector franchise

Lauren Hildebrand

Lauren Hildebrand

Associate editor with Havok & Uncommon Universes Press.

I joined the Conservatory because I was impressed with their mission and method. Ever since, I’ve only found more reasons to love it here. The instructors care deeply about my stories and me. They challenge me to be a healthier, happier person all around.

Kasumi Sonoda

Graduate in 3 years with…

A mastery of the fundamentals of fiction.

Two full-length projects written with coaching & direction from writing professionals.

A viable financial strategy for writing & entrepreneurship. 

The tools necessary for your own business venture that earns money at a high hourly rate.

A network of writing peers and professional industry connections to support your career.

“I’ve seen my storytelling skills begin to sharpen, and myself becoming the writer I’ve always known I could be. My stories are starting to take shape, in all the complexity and depth I always wanted but could never find.”

James Noller

How to Apply:


Fill Out An Application

Apply as soon as you know you’re interested. You’re not making any commitment by applying.


Talk With Admissions

We’ll explain how the program works and explore if we’re the right fit.


Choose Your Start Date

If we’re the right fit, you can select the starting month that’s best for you.

Apply for the Conservatory

Space is limited. Apply today to schedule a free, no-pressure informational call.

[email protected]


Do I Have to Join If I Fill Out an Application?

Absolutely not. Filling out an application is only the first step in the admissions process and there is no commitment. 

If you pass the application stage, you will have the opportunity to speak with our admissions team and ask any questions. There is also no commitment for doing an interview.

If you pass the interview stage and are invited to join the program, you will be encouraged to take the time you need to consider the opportunity, pray over your decision, and get back to us. We will never rush or pressure you to make a commitment before you are ready.

What Ages is the Conservatory Designed For?

The Author Conservatory normally accepts students who are between the ages of 15 & 30, though we occasionally make exceptions. Generally speaking, students thrive the most when they aren’t doing this alongside other schooling or full-time working hours. That being said, we’ve seen dedicated students succeed while they’re still in high school, a traditional college, or working full-time. If you’re within this age range and want to consider the program more, we’d love to see your application.

How Much Time Does the Conservatory Take?

We recommend that students set aside a minimum of 15 hours per week engaging in the instructional content of the program and working on their personal writing & business projects. That being said, because this is an intensive mentorship program, we can take students a lot further if they invest more time. Students who are able to spend 20-30 hours a week on the program are able to set and achieve more ambitious writing & business goals.

When Do New Students Start?

We operate all twelve months of the year and don’t take a three-month summer break, so we have new students starting the program every month. Spots do fill up, however, and we can be booked months in advance. If we accept a new student into the program, we’ll talk with them about what our availability looks like and allow them to choose their own start date, up to 12 months in advance, as long as spots are still open. For more information on what spots are currently available, fill out an application so we can talk to you more about the program.

Do Students Need to Write Christian Fiction?

Nope! We give students the tools to pursue a sustainable writing & entrepreneurial career, whether they want to go into the Christian market or the mainstream market. Students don’t need to write for the Christian fiction genre. But we will help students who want to do so–and equip students who want to subtly weave their faith into writing for the general market.

Profile of Our Ideal Student

Dreams of writing and publishing books for the rest of their life.

Loves Christ and wants to make a difference in the lives of their readers, whether in the Christian market or the general market.

Has already established a rigorous writing habit and spends hours on their writing each week.

Has accumulated meaningful experience working on writing projects.

Is ready to take their next steps and start preparing for a future writing career now.

(Unsure if you meet our ideal profile or not? Fill out an application and we’ll let you know if you’re ready for the Conservatory or not.)

Apply for the Conservatory

Space is limited. Apply today to schedule a free, no-pressure informational call.

[email protected]

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