Join Our First-Ever Open House

Monday, July 31st from 6-7 PM EDT

Curious to hear how our instructors coach students at the Author Conservatory?

Join co-founder Brett Harris and six of our instructors for a live Zoom call where they’ll explain the “behind-the-scenes” of the program and answer audience questions like:

  • How do students receive feedback on their novels?
  • What sort of business ventures do students start?
  • How do other families pay for this?
  • Is there an ideal age to join the Conservatory?
  • What are we looking for in prospective students?
  • What role do parents play?

Just fill out the button below to register for our first Open House event.

“One of the most comprehensive writing programs you’ll find anywhere.” — Steve Laube

President of The Steve Laube Agency, The Christian Writer’s Institute, and Head of Enclave Publishing

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