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This inaugural edition of Voices of the Future weaves together short stories of family and fearlessness in a memorable and heartwarming collection. Experience the next generation’s creativity and vision through tales of hope and belonging from rising young creatives.

Featuring Abi Lyn Voss

Abi Lyn Voss writes authentic YA novels for young adults seeking safe stories to hold them as they navigate growing up. An old soul who’s spent years working with award-winning authors, she embraces her youth by crafting fiction that conveys the emotional vulnerability and genuine perspective being a teen brings.

When she isn’t rewatching her favorite sitcoms or listening to the Beach Boys or Broadway musicals, she’s dreaming about opening a Parisian coffee shop, where every table has a bouquet of sunflowers and a mug of hot chocolate.

About Her Short Story

Quinn Oliver can’t fix anything. Not cars, not magic, and worst of all, not her family.

For generations, Quinn’s family has owned the Little Tire Shop, a magical mechanic shop that pops up wherever it is most needed. But after the death of her grandfather, the magic of the shop—and her grandfather’s legacy—is dying, the building beginning to crumble. Even worse, Quinn’s family is breaking apart, dissolving into arguments about selling the shop.

But Quinn can fix it. Having just gotten her license, it’s her turn to complete the family’s tradition of making an addition to her grandfather’s 1970 VW Beetle in the Little Tire Shop—the Oliver family way of taking your place in the family. Everyone hopes completing this tradition will revive the shop’s magic—and heal their fracturing family. But Quinn is only gifted in making a mess when she stands over the hood of the car, so how is she supposed to fix the shop—and her family’s grief?

Her Accomplishments
  • Drafted three novels and one short story
  • Received manuscript and chapter requests from publishers and agents
  • Currently implementing feedback from two professional edit letters, including one from award-winning YA author Nadine Brandes
  • Grew her email list to over 300 in just 3 months
  • Attended multiple conferences, including The Writers Sanctuary Juniper Conference, Realm Makers Conference, and HopeWords
  • Launched a pet-sitting business in high school to gain experience in personal outreach and marketing

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