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The second edition of Voices of the Future weaves together short stories of courage and compassion in a memorable and heartwarming collection. Experience the next generation’s creativity and vision through these tales from rising young creatives.

Featuring Alabama Rose

Having grown up in Northern Ontario, Alabama Rose adores winter, especially the glittering snowflakes and pond hockey. She finds joy in what can be a bleak season, and in the same way, she aims to find beauty in the hard seasons of life. She writes to highlight that beauty and bring courage to face the messy, broken places of yourself. On the bitter cold days, her stories are like cozy hoodies.

When she’s not curled up with a book and a blanket, she loves connecting with people. Over the years, Alabama has built friendships by serving as a camp counselor, teaching music lessons, and listening to people’s life stories over coffee.

About Her Short Story

Taylor and Jasmine were supposed to be friends—”sisters”—forever. Growing up as a pilot’s kid, moving from place to place, Taylor has lost enough friends already. But now, her best friend is drifting away.

To uphold their favorite tradition, Jasmine comes over to make donuts on the first snowfall of the year. Just like old times. And it might just be Taylor’s last chance to fix things before she loses someone again.

But when what’s supposed to be a girls night is crashed by a lanky, chivalrous boyfriend, Taylor’s plans for the evening are threatened—and so is her friendship. If she can’t stop life from changing, will it take everything from her?

Her Accomplishments
  • Drafted three novels, one novella, and one novelette
  • Received extensive critique and guidance from YA authors like Kara Swanson, Sara Ella, and Nadine Brandes
  • Attended Write to Publish, getting professional feedback on her brand and where her genre fits into the market
  • Started a business and practiced marketing, branding, and setting up online business pages
  • Published a novelette and sold over 200 copies in her town at age fifteen

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“Chichi no Chikai: A Father’s Vow”

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