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The second edition of Voices of the Future weaves together short stories of courage and compassion in a memorable and heartwarming collection. Experience the next generation’s creativity and vision through these tales from rising young creatives.

Featuring Cameron Skocilic

As a kid, Cameron Skocilic was always getting lost in one imaginary world or another, his vast imagination only limited by his attention span — until one day he decided to open his fantasy worlds to others who share his love of fun stories.

Cameron primarily writes stories that aim to entertain and bring a smile to his friends even on their gloomiest days. You can usually find him chatting about his favorite movies, checking out what’s new in the board game isle, or ranting about how salty will always be better than sweet.

About His Short Story

Miles doesn’t believe in Santa, knowing full well he’s a myth, a legend. But he’s having a hard time explaining away the talking reindeer that’s just crashed through his roof. Now whisked away to the North Pole on a mission to rescue Santa, Miles struggles to come to terms with his new insane reality. After all, if magic and miracles were real all along, why didn’t his Mother get one when she needed it most?

Little does Miles know his guilt will only feed the dark entity seeking to tip the balance of power from Santa’s wonder to its own favor, planning to spread terror and darkness across the world. And if Miles can’t put behind him the weight of his past loss, he might risk losing his Sister too!

His Accomplishments
  • Drafted two full length novels, a novella, and a short story
  • Conceptualized, outlined, and drafted a 70K word novel in just 4 months
  • Received marketing and business training as a part of The Author Conservatory
  • Won first place in sales at his customer service retail position
  • Published a short story as part of the “Voices of the Future Anthology, Vol. 2: Stories of Courage & Compassion” released in 2024

Meet the 8 other authors in the anthology!

Kyla Carter

“The Graveyard of Lost Dreams”

Alyssa Guthrie

“A Deathbed Wish”

Hannah Marie

“Zelophehad’s Daughters”

Sarah Pagel

“The Colors in the Well”



“The Sister Knot”



“If Ye’d Only Say”

Elena B.


“In Our Blood”

kasumi Sonoda

“Chichi no Chikai: A Father’s Vow”

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The Author Conservatory is an online apprenticeship-modeled program that teaches students the writing & business skills they need to get published and support themselves financially. The Voices of the Future anthology features short stories from nine of our 2024 graduates.

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