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The second edition of Voices of the Future weaves together short stories of courage and compassion in a memorable and heartwarming collection. Experience the next generation’s creativity and vision through these tales from rising young creatives.

Featuring Elena B. Sato

Like many Japanese Americans, Elena B. Sato grew up disconnected from her heritage and is now striving to regain it. Her stories explore being cut off from your heritage and finding hope in every situation while weaving grand landscapes of magic and thrilling twists and turns.

Elena’s favorite parts of her life include calling a twist in books, acting in local theater productions, and squealing over Korean dramas. You can find her crying over imaginary people and listening to Taylor Swift at all hours of the day.

About Her Short Story

Elisa has a blood disease that has kept her inside her tenement—her only companion the fata—fairies. Her family cares for her, but she feels like a burden. Even Micola—her younger sister and closest friend—drifts away as she goes out into the world.

When her mother breaks her arm, someone has to go to the factory job in her stead. They can’t survive without her income. The family isn’t going to send Elisa, so Micola goes—but when she leaves her lunch pail behind, Elisa seizes the opportunity to help and to get to see the outside world, the fairies—her guide through the city.

The world is dangerous for a girl who could bleed to death so easily—and the factory is no exception. She must choose between the safety she’s clung to and the family she loves.

Her Accomplishments
  • Completed three novels and four novellas
  • Received and implemented multiple professional edits
  • Received interest from a publisher on her middle-grade novel
  • Attended the Realm Makers Conference and South Dakota Festival of Books and met with bestselling authors like Kate DiCamillo, Gary D. Schmidt, and Katherine Center
  • Completed in-depth training in marketing, branding, email marketing, and platform building through the Author Conservatory

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“Chichi no Chikai: A Father’s Vow”

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