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The second edition of Voices of the Future weaves together short stories of courage and compassion in a memorable and heartwarming collection. Experience the next generation’s creativity and vision through these tales from rising young creatives.

Featuring Kasumi Sonoda

Sitting at her grandfather’s feet, Kasumi learned to love her Japanese Hawaiian heritage, even though she only ever visited those faraway islands in the stories he told with his lilting pidgin accent. Now Kasumi is the storyteller, writing young adult fiction about Asian heroes who embody courage and self-sacrifice. Her stories encourage people longing for home in a world that doesn’t feel like their own.

When taking a (forced) break from storying, you’ll find Kasumi playing with worms in the garden, dancing to loud music while learning to cook Japanese food, or discussing deep moral questions over boba with friends, old and new.

About Her Short Story

Samurai general Ihara has kept his terminal illness a secret from his wife and daughters, but his concern grows knowing they will be vulnerable in this world that only values physical strength. To protect them, he plans to adopt a strong samurai as his heir. On his way to choose a gift for the future son, he is pickpocketed. His daughter catches the thief and wants to punish him, but Ihara uses the moment to teach her one last time that mercy and compassion are true strength. Even though it cuts into his adoption funds, he makes a deal with the boy and gives him money if he promises to never steal again.

However, days later, word comes that the boy has not stopped stealing. Not only that, but the samurai that Ihara asked to become his heir is slow to agree, leaving him to wonder if his idealistic faith in compassion has ruined his chance to fulfill his final vow to protect his precious family.

Her Accomplishments
  • Completed two novels and four short stories
  • Received in-depth feedback from professional editors and award-winning authors
  • Received interest in her YA novel from two publishers
  • Grew an email list to 150+ subscribers in 1 month.
  • Built a Latin tutoring business and practiced marketing, branding, email marketing, and platform building.
  • Paid to speak at dozens of practicums, conferences, and workshops on topics like Latin, essay writing, and project management.

Meet the 8 other authors in the anthology!

Kyla Carter

“The Graveyard of Lost Dreams”

Alyssa Guthrie

“A Deathbed Wish”

Hannah Marie

“Zelophehad’s Daughters”

Sarah Pagel

“The Colors in the Well”



“The Sister Knot”



“If Ye’d Only Say”

Elena B.


“In Our Blood”

Cameron Skocilic


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