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The second edition of Voices of the Future weaves together short stories of courage and compassion in a memorable and heartwarming collection. Experience the next generation’s creativity and vision through these tales from rising young creatives.

Featuring Kyla Carter

Kyla Carter spent her childhood tripping over her own feet and struggling to keep up with her peers due to a condition called spina bifida. Able to relate with characters who aren’t the chosen ones and who face many challenges and unknowns, she fell in love with crafting stories with soul and utilizing the power of the underdog.

Kyla currently resides in rural Alberta with her two dogs and two horses where she can explore the Great Canadian Rockies, daydream about owning her own acreage, and drink iced coffee—even in the dead of winter.

About Her Short Story

In a world where dreams must be caught to come true, one girl risks everything to capture the life she believes she wants.

Adeline was supposed to catch her dream by now, just like everyone her age. But when she fails to capture one of the haunting, floating orbs again during the Festival of Dreams – the celebration held once a year – she watches her hopes of saving her family from dreamless status slip through her fingers. With only one more chance to succeed before her eighteenth birthday, Adeline is willing to risk everything, including stealing a dream from the Graveyard of Lost Dreams. But some dreams aren’t worth keeping. And, sometimes, forcing yourself into a stolen dream only creates a nightmare.

Her Accomplishments
  • Completed four novels, one novella, and a short story
  • Received in-depth training in marketing with a special emphasis on email marketing through the Author Conservatory
  • Attended the Realm Makers writer’s conference in 2021, 2022, and 2023
  • Received paid critiques and guidance from industry professionals like Lindsay Franklin, Linda Howard, Sara Ella, and Alyssa Roat
  • Member of the Realmsphere and ACFW

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Hannah Marie

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“The Colors in the Well”



“The Sister Knot”



“If Ye’d Only Say”

elena B.


“In Our Blood”




kasumi Sonoda

“Chichi no Chikai: A Father’s Vow”

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The Author Conservatory is an online apprenticeship-modeled program that teaches students the writing & business skills they need to get published and support themselves financially. The Voices of the Future anthology features short stories from nine of our 2024 graduates.

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