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A Writer Starting a Cleaning Business?!

Jul 10, 2022 | Student Spotlights

Juliet was in trouble.

She had just launched her own cleaning business to help support her writing career.

Which to some people… might sound a bit odd!

But she knew that as a serious writer, she needed a way to support herself financially while she worked on breaking into the publishing industry.

And while she had considered working a “traditional job,” she’d heard too many stories from her friends about how exhausted they were when they came home from work each day.

Juliet didn’t have time to crash at the end of a grueling work shift. 

She wanted to build a writing career – and have a life outside of writing and work.

That’s why when she came to our instructors, we recommended she start her own business.

While this might sound unconventional, many successful writers today quietly make their living through a combination of writing and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship gives writers the flexibility and support they need to pursue their writing – while teaching them essential marketing skills at the same time.

That’s why Juliet decided to launch a cleaning business.

It was pretty rough at first.

She struggled to know how much to charge and even had one lady tell her that her prices were “disgustingly” high.

Fortunately, she had access to the business training and mentorship inside The Author Conservatory.

We encouraged her to continue charging a fair market rate and provided new marketing strategies to help her find better clients.

And so Juliet pressed on and kept working on her business over last summer and fall, even when she had a hard time seeing immediate results.

She trusted the process even when it was difficult.

And what happened?

Well, this past January, she had her first $1,000 month.

And three months later this past April, she had her first $2,000 month.

All before she turned 18.

Now? Juliet has hired multiple employees, has to turn away clients because of how much interest she’s getting… and is about to actually raise her prices a year after being told they were “disgustingly high.”

There were a lot of hard work, tears, and fretful nights along the way.

But she’s earning much more money than she would have been earning at the typical minimum wage job most young adults her age are working at.

And she’s making this much money while working only fourteen hours a week!

In Juliet’s words. “I truly can’t believe this is the life I am living!”

If you ask Juliet what enabled her to go from that first rejection when she considered quitting to the place where she is now, her answer would be the support system we provided in The Author Conservatory.

Without the coaching we provided her?

“I would have given up a long time ago, probably right after that first rejection.”

But because she was able to come to us for support and guidance, she turned her insecurities into a confidence that resulted in a thriving business.

And she’s only in Year Two of the program!

If you’re a writer who also wants to support yourself financially while pursuing your writing career, we’d love to help you achieve similar results to the ones we helped Juliet achieve.

Just below to apply today.

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