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Kasumi Sonoda Earns $20K in Her First Year

Sep 18, 2022 | Student Spotlights

Kasumi joined The Author Conservatory about a year ago in October 2021.

She was 2o-years-old when she started and was hoping and praying this program would help her towards her goal of a sustainable writing career.

Eleven months later she has…. 

  • Nearly completed a full-length novel she calls “the most cohesive and thematically powerful book I have ever written.”
  • Earned almost $20,000 with the business we helped her launch.
  • Formed a realistic plan to financially support herself while still having plenty of time for writing.

And that’s just in her first year!

Here’s how Kasumi explains her decision to join and what she has experienced in the program so far:

I signed up for The Author Conservatory because I was impressed with their mission and method. Ever since then, I have only found more reasons to love it here. 

The close knit community has not only kept me accountable but has also spurred me on when I felt drained, and I’ve made SO MANY friends. 

The Instructors really actually deeply care about my stories and about me. I feel as though they challenge me to be a better, healthier, happier person all around. 

On top of that, the instruction is very clear, well organized, thorough and applicable. There is no stuffy theorizing or heavy handed opinions. It’s all about writing and being a writer — all of which applies to us and our dreams.

I was one of those chronic overwriting, takes forever, stuck in revisions, kind of writers. 

The last book I finished took me two and a half years. I knew it was a problem that would keep me from making a career out of my writing, but the habits were largely mental blocks and lack of understanding. 

The instructors and the community here have helped me to break down my inhibiting mindsets and habits! I am finishing my first novel here in several months shy of a year. 

Do you know how insane that is? 

Not only that, but it is the most cohesive and thematically powerful book I have ever written thanks to the instruction, professional critique, and enthusiastic brainstorming groups that I have been blessed with here.

The other thing that I have been amazed at since joining The Author Conservatory is the Business Program. It is simple but serious. 

I have come to see that business is simply a form of communication and a way to make the word a better place for everyone. This program has changed the way that I look at myself and the world and what I have to offer.

Brett and Kara never sugar-coat the truth about how hard it is to get published, but I am confident that we will be ready and well-equipped when we approach this career after graduation.

Not only that, but the Business Program and mentoring have already yielded me financial results. 

I have been able to earn nearly $20,000 in the first year of my business, and I am now making approximately $83/hour, which leaves me plenty of time to write, and study and pursue the other things that are important to me. 

I can’t even explain what a relief it is to feel like I will be able to support myself in a few years and have time for writing!

I would 100% recommend The Author Conservatory to anyone who has a heart for writing stories that will make an impact. 

The Conservatory will not only help you hone your craft but will also teach you how to cast your books far and wide to the people who need to find them.

Writers like Kasumi are making tangible progress towards some of their biggest writing dreams because they applied for the Conservatory.

Today it’s your turn.

Click below to apply today.

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