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Sword bookmarks helped this writer land her dream editor

Mar 20, 2023 | Student Spotlights

For the past several years, Zoe has dreamed of getting an editing spot with one of her favorite authors.

She knew that the author occasionally opened up a few editing spots every year. But those spots also came with a high price tag. And Zoe didn’t have that kind of money.

Two years ago, she started her own Etsy shop as a way to earn money as an entrepreneur.

But after launch week, business dried up.

This wasn’t her first entrepreneurial endeavor. She’d started others in the past that had all been abandoned after a few months.

But this time, soon after starting her business, she joined our program.

And while our writing coaches helped her craft better novels, our business coaches began working with her to help her grow her Etsy shop.

With a better marketing pitch, she began to sell her first products to people who weren’t already personal friends or family members.

And she began to develop a new product: sword bookmarks.

But it was hard work. Sales began to dwindle again. And so she planned to abandon it and start yet another business.

That’s where we stepped in.

We encouraged her to keep going and saw potential where she saw failure.

“I think you’re sitting on a gold mine,” one of our business instructors told her.

We guided her to use her problem solving skills to fix the issues she’d run into.

And pretty soon, sales started trickling in again.

Then this past December hit.

Thanks to a thrilled customer who shared about her on social media, she started selling 30+ sword bookmarks a week.

She raised her prices because she couldn’t keep up with the orders.

She made $2,000 in December and $2,000 again in January.

And then she saw the news.

Her favorite author had opened up editing spots again.

And after all the business success she had, she could finally afford to claim one.

In her own words, “This is a dream come true! I’ve probably been grinning for the past 36 hours straight.”

You can click here if you’d like to visit her “Sleeves by Anastasia” shop for yourself.

These are the kinds of opportunities writers can take advantage of when they learn how to become entrepreneurs in addition to being writers.

They aren’t sitting on the sidelines waiting for good learning opportunities to come to them.

Instead, they have the funds they need to support their creative pursuits.

But while we love encouraging writers to become entrepreneurs, we also understand that it’s hard to do so successfully on your own.

As Zoe experienced, “the doubt can be really hard.” 

That’s why we want to come alongside writers to give them the coaching and support you need to find creative solutions and keep going when you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Our support helped Zoe move from a series of abandoned start-ups to a business she stuck with that helped her land her dream editor.

This past month she made another $2,200 from her Etsy shop and her goal is to earn $25,000 this year (with a stretch goal of $35,000)!

We’d love to help you launch your own business that can support your writing career (in addition to giving you intensive writing coaching & feedback).

You don’t need to wait to get started.

Click below to apply today.

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