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Student Spotlight: Caroline Guajardo, Year 1

Caroline is eight months into Year 1 and recently graduated to drafting her first novel after working closely with published authors and professional editors to develop her story.

She also just landed her first tutoring client, earning $80 for two hours of work – and has earned $1,000 from her house-sitting business over the last few months.

With all that momentum, she’s excited to write her novel and grow her business ventures.

Student Spotlight: Joseph Brink, Year 2

Joseph completed two novels and launched a landscaping business during his first year in the Conservatory – earning roughly $4,500 in 2022.

Now as a Year 2 student, Joseph is using his business to practice marketing skills, editing his novels for pitching, and developing his author brand script and platform.

He says he’s surrounded by “the most awesome writing community on earth” as he works towards his goals.

Student Spotlight: Kasumi Sonoda, Year 2

During her first year in the Conservatory, Kasumi completed a 145,000-word novel and earned over $20,000 from her business teaching Latin classes (earning over $83/hour).

Today she is preparing to hire additional tutors, writing a short story for publication, and editing her novel to pitch next year.

Kasumi is making the money she needs while having plenty of time for writing — and she has big plans to grow her business!

Student Spotlight: Charis Rae, Year 3

Charis has written four middle grade novels and launched two profitable business ventures: an Etsy shop and an American History Summer Camp for girls.

Today she is preparing to pitch her latest novel, has been hired as content writer for a marketing agency, and has tens of thousands of dollars in savings – all before she turns twenty.

She is pursuing her writing dreams while growing into a responsible adult who can pay her own bills.

(These profiles accurately reflect what is possible when students are trained in both writing and business skills – but results reflect our students’ own intense dedication and hard work. We cannot guarantee these outcomes for every student.)


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