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Becky Kopitzke & Haylie Hanson Join Our Instructor Team

Feb 27, 2024 | Program Updates

We’re thrilled to have two new instructors who joined our team last month: Becky Kopitzke & Haylie Hanson.

Becky Kopitzke is joining us as one of our business instructors, and Haylie Hanson as one of our writing instructors. Both will be working one-on-one with our students to provide them with personal coaching, mentorship, and feedback. Haylie will also be helping our students with learning disabilities or other special needs.

We’d love to introduce you to both of them:

Becky Kopitzke is the founder of The Inspired Business, an organization dedicated to coaching Christian writers, speakers, podcasters, and other content creators to sustain their ministries through God-honoring business practices. She is also the author of four non-fiction books in the Christian living genre.

Becky and her husband Chad are both work-from-home entrepreneurs based in lovely northeast Wisconsin.

Haylie Hanson is the YA speculative fiction author of The Luminaut Trilogy (Uncommon Universes Press 2021; re-releasing independently 2024). She’s also an education specialist and disability advocate (M.Ed., University of Utah).

Haylie’s personal writing and instructing philosophy is that one size doesn’t fit all, and tailors her teaching based on student craft needs and individual goals for their literary careers.

We’re thrilled to have both of these instructors on our team and can’t wait to see the impact they makes on the students they personally mentor and coach.

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