Author Conservatory Referral Program

Many students learn about the Author Conservatory from a current student. We’d love to reward you for sharing about the Conservatory with your family and friends!

Through our Referral Program, you can earn a $400 tuition credit for both yourself and the student you refer by recommending new writers to the Conservatory.

How the Referral Program Works

How Do I Refer a Student?

You can just mention the Conservatory (and what your experience has been like) to family and friends and encourage them to check us out! It’s that simple.

Many students find it helpful to watch our Smart Young Writer training, read our syllabus, or attend an Open House or another live event we run prior to applying. So you may want to consider recommending they start by watching one of those events.

You will need to mention the $400 tuition credit (that both you and the referred student receives) to the student you’re recommending. Then if they mention your name and the tuition credit to their admissions advisor during the admissions process, both of you will receive tuition credit if they enroll.

Who Can Refer and Receive the Tuition Credit?

Current Author Conservatory students, along with alumni, are eligible to refer a student to the Conservatory for the tuition credit. Alumni will get a check for $400 (instead of as tuition credit) if they refer a student to the Conservatory.

Author Conservatory students who are also employees in the marketing or admissions departments of the Conservatory are not eligible for the tuition credit.

Who Qualifies as a New Student?

The student must be someone who hasn’t previously been involved in any of our programs (either the Author Conservatory or the Young Writer’s Workshop).

Who Gets the Tuition Credit?

If you successfully refer a student who enrolls in the Conservatory, you will get a $400 tuition credit and the referred student will get a $400 tuition credit.

When Do I Get the Tuition Credit?

If you successfully referred a student, you get the tuition credit once they make their deposit.

The referred student will get the tuition credit taken off their first payment. (Note: if they enroll with a $1,000 deposit, the tuition credit will be taken off their second payment, not the deposit. For higher deposit amounts, the tuition credit will be taken off the initial deposit.)

What If Multiple Students Refer the Same Person?

If multiple people refer the same student, the $400 referring tuition credit will be split between any students the referred student mentions during the admissions process.

The referred student’s $400 tuition credit will not be split.

Can I Refer Multiple Students to the Program?

Yes! Credits stack, so the more students you refer to the program, the more tuition credits you’ll earn.