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3 New Conservatory Business Instructors

Feb 27, 2023 | Program Updates

Last month, we officially welcomed three new business instructors to our team.

And we’d love to introduce you to each of them.

Brian O’Rear is the founder of a multi-million dollar home inspector franchise.

His company was #1 in the national franchise system in 2015, and was the largest home inspection business in the state of Kentucky when he sold it.

Now, he’s working personally with our students to help them launch and scale their own local service-based business ventures.

Mark Baker is the founder of multiple 6-figure and 7-figure business startups. 

This includes experience starting many different types of successful businesses, including a crowdfunding business, a clothing business, online courses, and various ecommerce ventures.

He’s now coaching our students to help them start and grow their own online business ventures, including online courses, Etsy shops, drop-shipping, etc.

Finally, Margaret McGriff is a digital content strategist and promotions manager for Uncommon Universes Press.

She’s worked in the marketing industry for over a decade, most recently as a Senior Content and Communications Strategist, and has also consulted authors and publishers on their marketing strategies and branding.

Now she’s helping our students create their own powerful marketing strategies and content to promote their business ventures – everything from SEO to email funnels to landing pages.

We’re thrilled to have each of these business instructors on our team and can’t wait to see the impact they makes on the students they personally mentor and coach.

(Wondering why we have business coaches on our team who help our students become successful entrepreneurs? Click here to learn why we promote a writing + entrepreneurship approach.)

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