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Dec 17, 2023 | Program Updates

When we set out to create a college-alternative program for aspiring authors, we weren’t sure how many students would join us.

Would people leap into a new, cutting-edge program like this before we had graduates to show for it?

Well, as of last month, we’re honored to be working with over 200 students inside The Author Conservatory.

We don’t take it lightly that this many families have taken the plunge before our first class of students even graduates (which will take place June 2024).

Some of them like being early adopters…

Others are simply impressed by the vision…

But many have been convinced by the results…

Even though none of our students have graduated yet, they are achieving real-world success in both writing and business.

Here are just some of the achievements our students hit the last few months (if we recapped the entire year, this email would be a mile long).

Writing Milestones:

  • Anna Rose won the Christy Amplify Award for Christian fiction with her debut novel The Star That Always Stays and signed her third book contract with Holiday House, a New York City children’s book publisher.
  • Rachel won first place in the OYAN Student Novel Contest (after placing 2nd last year) and received a custom pen, crystal award, and $500 in prize money
  • Sequoyah released her debut novella, In The Company Of Cows, and sold over 300 copies in the first month
  • Nine students in our inaugural Voices of the Future anthology sold 555 pre-order copies and earned a #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller banner on Amazon.com
  • Charis has received five manuscript requests from literary agents for her middle-grade novel about a girl with scoliosis
  • Anna G. pitched her historical fiction novel at the ACFW conference and received three book proposal requests and four full manuscript requests from agents and publishers
  • Three students (Zoe, Olivia, and Katie) are getting flash fiction pieces published by Havok
  • Five students (Annika, Ruth, Julia, Abi, and Sarah) moved on to the second round of the Aurora Contest (final results pending)

Business Milestones:

  • Eden had her first vendor event for her custom pendant business and made $383 in six hours 
  • Allie hit $5,000 in sales from her gluten-free baked goods business in just four months
  • Juliet’s house cleaning business has generated over $25,000 in gross revenue in 2023 and $50,000 total since launching in 2020
  • Anna P. launched her creative writing classes and has already made $2,375
  • Zoe made $4,922 from her Etsy shop in November, achieved the milestone of 2,000+ total sales in early December, and has exceeded $25,000 in revenue for 2023
  • David’s face-painting business has generated over $30,000 in revenue this year and he’s aiming for $100,000 in 2024 by attending more events
  • Jenny hit $25,000 in total revenue for her Life Story Book Services business and now has three subcontractors working with her
  • Valari also joined the $25K Club with her proofreading business and is now contracted with five different publishers
  • Alyssa earned $14,000 this year from her homeschool science clubs at $140/hour!

As you can see, our students are “doers” not just “learners.” 

They actually pitch and publish their writing, launch business ventures, and make real money.

And we can’t wait to see what our 200+ students achieve as they start graduating the program and officially launching their careers.

If you’re interested in making real, tangible progress to your writing goals over the next few years, we’d love to consider working with you as well.

Just click this link to learn more and fill out a short application.

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