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Students Make Front Page Local News

Jan 12, 2024 | Student Spotlights

Imagine launching your first book… and ending up on the front page of your local newspaper!

Hey! That’s my face!! That’s my name!! Oh my goodness!!

Well, that’s what happened to Hope, Jenny, and Abi.

Hope was featured in the Thousand Islands Sun.

Jenny was on the front page of the Johnson County Gazette.

And Abi was the feature story for the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star.

Click here to read Abi’s story, which is also available online

It begs the question: how did this happen?

And how could you have the same experience when you publish?

The answer might surprise you–because it isn’t just launching your book and hoping newspapers will notice.

The truth is… even authors with incredible book launches never get spotlit by the newspaper.

What many writers don’t know is that there’s a specific process for presenting and pitching yourself to local media.

That’s why, in the Author Conservatory, we trained Abi, Jenny, and Hope in how to do just that.

We pulled back the curtain and taught them how getting spotlighted is much easier than you might expect (when you know how to do it).

We even provided them with a press kit they could adapt and use to communicate with local reporters.

As a result? Not only did they get spotlighted by their local papers…

But when they pitch their novels to literary agents or publishers who want to look them up online… this is what those industry professionals are going to see!

That’s the advantage young writers have when they get trained in publicity, marketing, networking, and other business skills – not just in writing.

And that’s the advantage you too could have if you enrolled in the Author Conservatory.

We offer writers a comprehensive education that covers everything from how to write a great novel, how to find a publisher, how to market a book, and how to support yourself financially as a writer & entrepreneur.

We don’t just teach you how to do all these things – we also mentor you to help you achieve meaningful results.

Click here to learn more about the mentorship we offer and apply for a free, “no pressure” consultation call with our team today.

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