Find your new writing community

We may be virtual. But we still foster a vibrant community of passionate, serious writers with real friendships.

Build Long-Lasting Friendships with Other Serious Writers

Too many writers feel alone–and don’t know anyone else who treats writing as seriously as they do.

That’s why, in the Conservatory, we’ve created a vibrant community where writers can build friendships, join small accountability and critique groups, and get encouragement & support from fellow students.

Being in an online program doesn’t mean you can’t build meaningful relationships with other writers.

Some of the activities Our Students Participate in:

Accountability Groups

Virtual Film Nights

Peer Feedback Opportunities


Brainstorming Pods

Virtual Book Clubs

Prayers for Each Other

Achievement Celebrations

Virtual Game Nights

“Kara said she hoped this place would be my Inklings. Well, she was right, it is. There’s no where else I feel more at home than with you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Olivia Booms

We also get together in-person!

While we don’t have any official in-person events, many of our students get together at…

Writing Conferences & Retreats

Local Meetups

Other In-Person Events

“Brett and Kara have created a true family of writers and a home. The friendships, connections, and knowledge you walk away with are instrumental to any new author striving to grow.”

Jadyn Ribeiro

Find the Writing Community You’ve Dreamed Of

Our goal is for graduating students to emerge from the Conservatory with lifelong friendships, a strong professional network, and a personal support network of fellow writers they can go to for ongoing encouragement and support.

You don’t need to go through the writing journey alone.

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